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Brightlobe proudly works with a number of collaborators - from committed advocates to charities.
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Making a difference, together.

We're proud to partner with advocates and charities who share our commitment to improving the health and well-being of children.

These individuals and organisations have played an integral role in shaping the success and impact of our clinical trial, and we are honoured to showcase their invaluable contributions.

Collaborate with us

Through their dedication, these individuals and charities are amplifying our trial's reach and making a profound impact on the lives of families within our community.


Angels supports families of children with Autistic Spectrum Condition and/or ADHD. They were formed by, and are led by, parents whose children face similar challenges.


FACES (Family and Children's Early-help Services) is a well established local independent charity offering practical and emotional support to families under stress.

SEN Coach

A platform dedicated to celebrating and connecting the SEND Community - focussing on Education, Information and Innovation and Empowered Advocates IPSEA trained Specialists in SEND Advocacy, Tribunals and Mediation.

SEN Kitchen

The SEN Kitchen is an incredible initiative spearheaded by Sarah Yates. The SEN-ED Kitchen is a place where families can leave their apologies at the door, relax, and not have to police every move. It's A place for SEN children to come and have fun, feel safe and just be themselves.

Marshlings Sensory Hub & World

Owned by Kirsty Marsh - Independent SEND consultant - specialist in behaviour, de-escalation and sensory integration. A SEND parent on a mission to Support, advise and provide for individuals, families and professionals.


Creating a community to support each other, challenge and empower positive changes and awareness around neurodivergent conditions.

Imagination Dance

Imagination Dance provide inclusive dance and movement opportunities for those who are rarely offered them. We offer classes for those with suspected or diagnosed additional needs that are fun, friendly and welcoming to all abilities.

Join us as a collaborator

Here's what we offer our incredible collaborators:

Financial support (e.g. co-sponsored events)
Publicity and visibility on our site and social media
Access to in-house experts for workshops and panels
Joint fundraising
Assistance with grant writing and grant review

We recommend an initial meeting to find areas of mutual interest + benefit. Please reach out today!

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Brightlobe specialises in game-based digital diagnostic tools for neurodevelopmental conditions, like autism and ADHD. We empower families and children by reducing time to diagnosis and cost, and provide clinicians with precision insight for greater diagnostic accuracy.

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