A vision backed by science.

Brightlobe's approach to child development is based on cutting-edge research in neurodevelopmental behavioural paediatrics and data science. Our aim is to harness technology to help children everywhere realise their potential.

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What is behavioural paediatrics?

Neurodevelopment refers to the development of a child's central nervous system. Neurodevelopmental conditions may involve challenges in the functioning of a child's brain that affects their behaviour, memory or ability to learn. NBP is the branch of clinical medicine devoted to the early detection, diagnosis and treatment or management of these conditions.

Why does it matter?

Generally, parents don't have typically have access to personalised, high-quality resources to help them support their child's development. This becomes a more significant issue when a child may be facing challenges at home or school. Detecting potential developmental delays early is critical, so that a child receives the interventions they need. Unfortunately, early detection can be difficult – it can sometimes take years to receive a diagnosis or ongoing support. Brightlobe aims to change this.

Research collaborations

Our team is proud to work with the brightest minds in neurodevelopmental behavioural paediatrics, data science and educational psychology. If you're interested in learning more about our clinical roadmap/pipeline or working with us, please do get in touch.
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