Mid-Senior .NET/C# Developer

About the role

We are looking for a mid level to senior level .NET developer looking to jump into the world of Unity game development to help expand and build our existing (released & unreleased) game titles. This is a rare opportunity to work on games that also function as a medical device. You will be working alongside and reporting to the founder and working with our senior artist and backend engineer to build our software.

In the first few months you will get the opportunity to work on game animations, mechanics, reporting to our API backend, QA testing, fixing bugs and releasing to the Google Play and App Store. This work will be critical to releasing our next game as a medical device and improving our existing game Kai’s Sanctuary, your work will improve the mental health of children across the UK and potentially beyond.

Key responsibilities

You will:

  • Work with our development partners to maintain our codebase, extend features and build games;
  • Write and run unit tests, write documentation (GDDs, READMEs) and perform code reviews;
  • Work alongside the team to assist and contribute to all phases of mobile game development, from production to deployment on the App Store and Google Play;
  • Assist in the sourcing of creative assets (sound files) and working alongside our senior artist to prepare and implement art assets in the build (2D, Spine and 3D);
  • Vet and integrate external libraries, packages and frameworks (existing solutions/architectures);
  • Find and debug errors and warnings;
  • Perform a degree of quality control and quality assurance prior to a complete QA;
  • Participate in daily stand up meetings, weekly team meetings and 1-2-1 meetings with the founder.
  • Participate in the interviews and onboarding process of new team members where appropriate

Key Oversight

You will:

  • Be responsible for the build and the quality of games & codebase
  • Oversee improvements to our development process
  • Oversee improvements to our test & release process
  • Oversee quality control throughout the game development process
  • Oversee the technical strategy allowing us to remain compliant and competitive.
  • Oversee any future growth to the team, helping the founder hire future team members and contribute relevant strategies.

Desired Outcomes

You will:

  • Release multiple updates of our games a month
  • Improve the codebase in terms of testability, maintainability and readability
  • Keep technical debt to an appropriate level for each game
  • Keep bugs and crashes to a minimum

Is this job right for you?

We are looking for someone who shares our vision for using video games as more than just entertainment. Someone who is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what is possible to integrate art and science. Who is always looking to learn and improve how we do things for the better. But who always puts the safety of our users and their families first which results in them being empowered by our games.

If you haven’t touched Unity before then this is the perfect opportunity to jump in and learn while building some truly groundbreaking games. We’re looking for a team player who is driven by processes to deliver on time. That said, we like to have fun and are always looking for new ideas to push our games and the company forward.

Essential experience

Note that while Unity experience is highly-valued, our focus is on strong programming skills and best practices.

  • Located in the UK and eligible to work in the UK, with the ability to occasionally travel to London.
  • Excellent English both written and spoken
  • Production experience delivering C# codebases (and it’s even better if you’ve worked with C or C++)
  • Experience with version control software, like Git
  • University degree (or equivalent experience) in computer science or another relevant field
  • Shipped mobile titles into production
  • Experience with client-server communication
  • Experience programming for iOS/Android

Research has shown that people from under-represented groups are less likely to apply for jobs if they don't feel they fit all of the criteria. If you think you'd enjoy the role and could do a good job, but are not sure if you're fully qualified, please apply anyway!

Desirable experience

  • Experience with the Unity SDKs & Editor (especially UI)
  • Experience with architecting large codebases to be maintainable and readable
  • Experience with GraphQL APIs
  • Passionate about video games and seeing them used for good.


  • Summer hours (work 1+ hour Monday - Thursday, leave early on Friday from June to August)
  • Generous training and professional development budget
  • Free breakfast, tea and coffee when we meet in the office (2-4 x per month, as needed)
  • Pension
  • 25 days of annual leave + bank holidays
  • Team socials
  • New Macbook Pro to use for work

About Brightlobe

Brightlobe is an award-winning company that creates technology to support child development.

Our vision is to use cutting-edge technology to revolutionise health outcomes – in both mind and body – for children across the world. Our work supports healthy neurodevelopment to ensure that every child reaches their full potential.

Our work combines immersive technology, children’s entertainment and cutting-edge research in neurodevelopment. We’re working on two projects:

  • A low-cost, highly-effective clinical tool to help parents, teachers and doctors track child development through a mobile game; and
  • Kai’s Sanctuary – a pioneering mobile app that teaches young children mindfulness, meditation, yoga and more. You can read more about this project here: kaissanctuary.com.

In 2019, we became VC-backed to grow our company and our product. We have also been the recipients of two Innovate UK grants, awarded by the UK government’s innovation agency. Brightlobe was:

  • A participant in the prestigious KQ Labs accelerator programme – backed by The Francis Crick Institute; and
  • Selected for the London & Partners Business Growth Programme – backed by the Mayor of London.

Our team includes experienced engineers, surgeons, paediatricians, and advisors from top universities, healthcare and entertainment companies. These include Stanford University, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Disney, LEGO and more.

Start New Game (How to apply)

Firstly, thank you for considering Brightlobe as your next employer!

If you're a recruiter, we already have some trusted partners that we are working with for our recruitment. Any cold outreach will be ignored.

To start a new game, first complete the tutorial: https://forms.reform.app/qGKJBF/tutorial and contact newgame@brightlobe.com if you have any questions.

The application process will run as follows:

  1. You submit your application form
  2. We will acknowledge receipt of your application (generally within 2 working days)
  3. We'll review your application and let you know whether we wish to continue the process with you (generally within 7 working days).
  4. We will send out a Work Sample Test to get sense for your capabilities
  5. We will review your work sample test and let you know if we wish to continue with your application
  6. We will then invite you an interview session with our team. This will consist of two interviews i. Technical Interview - review of work sample test and other technical questions ii. Team-fit interview - questions around our values and culture and past experiences
  7. We will then make a final decision shortly after all interviews have taken place.
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