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An interactive story-driven adventure to help children discover mindfulness and feel good about themselves.

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How are your little ones feeling right now?

Kai’s Sanctuary is a clinical evidence-backed app – developed by neuroscientists. It allows children to easily practice mindfulness and achieve periods of calm each day, which is key to their wellbeing and emotional self-regulation.

Safe and wonderfully educational

Promotes important qualities of kindness, sharing, nurturing, reflection. Kai’s Sanctuary will also help young children develop their focus and listening skills. A safe, intuitive entry level app to introduce young children 2-5 to technology in a healthy, stress-free way.

Developed in response to Covid-19

We developed Kai’s Sanctuary as a response to the mental health crisis affecting children around the world as a result of Covid-19. It’s a mobile experience with gamified clinically-approved exercises used as part of mindfulness CBT.

Featured in Kai's Sanctuary

Learn deep breathing techniques

Kids learn deep breathing skills to help guide their little creature upstream, collecting plankton and marine life along the way.

Understand feelings and develop empathy

Children care for their furry guardian, completing a full body scan to understand how they are feeling in mind, body and spirit.

Have fun in Tala’s Yoga Class

Pick your own moves or follow Tala. From standing as still as a mountain to finding their inner warrior, children can begin their practice here.