Support for growing brains.

We've created patent-pending technology that supports healthy neurodevelopment in children. Our technology helps parents nurture their child's strengths and pinpoints possible delays for earlier and smarter interventions.

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Concerned about your child's development?

Knowing the difference between typical and atypical child development is challenging. No easy way exists to assess a child's development, flag possible delays and introduce tailored interventions – or even to understand a child's strengths and nurture these.

Development+ Key Features

Gain insight into your child's development

Our game-based platform provides data-driven insights about your child's development – enabling you to better support them in school and at home.

Engaging, immersive games for children

5+ lands. 20+ locations. Endless adventures. Our games feature original IP with a whole world for children to explore.

Improved access to assessments for all

Our assessments make understanding a child's developmental trajectory easier and affordable for every family.

The science behind it

Learn more about the neuroscientific research involved in our platform development and the science that underpins our work.
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Help us learn more

We are looking for families who are interested in getting involved in our final stage of research before our assessment is made available to everyone. Please contact us to learn more and to become part of this pioneering project.
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How do we compare to existing methods of assessment?

From expense to speed, our assessment provides a radical and revolutionary new way to approach the support of child devleopment.